Young Chefs I, 2016
I sent my daughters aged 9 and 12 to the Young Chefs I summer class because my younger daughter had always expressed an interest in cooking, and I also wanted my older daughter to become a little bit more independent in the kitchen as she approached her teen years.
I was so impressed with what the girls accomplished in just one week!  They were very animated about each day’s activities and I believe the “hands on” approach to the classes was the key to keeping them so encouraged and eager to go back each day.  
I have since had my older daughter (who is forever camped out in her room), helping out in the kitchen a little more and even now making her own scrambled eggs for breakfast! (Yay! Mission Accomplished!)  The classes also brought out my younger daughter’s passion for food - immediately after Young Chefs I ended she started making our family Sunday dinners.  (I am not joking!). She plans her menus and has been very adamant about being given an opportunity to cook each week and to do just about everything herself. The best part?  She is so inspired and has gained so much confidence in the kitchen!
I want to thank Latoya and the Delicious Occasions team for giving both our girls the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of cooking and paving the way for perhaps the next super chef!!  Job well done…it surpassed my expectations!!

Monique Anthony
August 2016

Cooking Basics January- May 2015
I had always wanted to take a cooking class, as my skills in the kitchen were below par.
When I saw the email flyer for Cooking Basics, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up for the course.
Closer to the time I got nervous about the 12 week commitment, but still went ahead,
and I could not have been happier.

The entire experience has changed me, and opened my eyes to both cooking and baking.
My confidence to try new recipes, and how I approach cooking has changed.
We covered so much and more in these classes. We started with knife skills, and proper cooking techniques.
We learned to cook various recipes with Chicken, Fish, Lobster, Shrimp, and Meats.

We touched on some Chinese and Indian recipes.  We learned to bake various breads, and made our own pasta.

Every Saturday I was excited to come and try something new.
I am already geared up for the next class - Vegetarian Cooking.
Latoya, thank you for being such a great teacher, and Joanie for all your assistance.
Till the next class.   

Sacha Miles

Asian Cooking (Indian)
I enjoyed the course. Unlike some courses this was not a demonstration class but practical hands-on which really made one learn. The ambience for learning is excellent and last but by no means least we had a tutor who it was highly visible that she knew her stuff.  Although the course had a specific content the tutor facilitated additions from the students that could be accommodated during the teaching hours. Good luck future participants.
Dr. Olivia McMillan (Feb. to April 2015)

Decadent Desserts
"I thoroughly enjoyed the Decadents Desserts class. The instructor was thorough and her instructions and explanations were simple to understand. I bake very often, but was still able to pick up several useful tips and learn new techniques. It was a delightful (and delicious) way to spend a Saturday morning!"   Thank you for the recipes.   - Cherena Forbes Jan. 31, 2015

Decadent Desserts
Class was very interesting. I have learnt a lot from the class, especially the cheesecake. I know i will definately try this, because I always thought this was a difficult recipe, but it was quite easy. Will definitely recommend this class.
Michelle Bennett (Dec 2014)

Decadent Desserts
The class was very good worth every penny!!!! I will definately recommend my family and friends to attend. Even if like myself you already know how to bake, there is something new to learn.
Alarice Harris (Dec. 2014)

Decadent Desserts
I really enjoyed the class. It was informative. I didn't realize how easy it was to make these wonderful desserts until I came to this class. Latoya also shared tips on making our dessert making experience enjoyable. She also shared many general cooking tips. I would definitely come back for more classes.
Kayan Reid (Dec 2014)

Decadent Desserts
I enjoyed the class it was simple and quick. I never realized cheesecake was so easy to make.
Thank you Delicious Occasions
Dianne Anderson (Dec. 2014)

Asian Cooking
Had a wonderful time learning new dishes. Latoya, you are awesome and approachable and TALENTED!!!!! Thanks a bunch.

           A. Carey (Dec. 2014)

Decadent Desserts
Great Desserts Made Simple
                                C. Smith

Decadent Desserts
Good Class, instructions very clear and easy to follow.

Decadent Desserts
Enjoyable, practical and good instructions given. The end results were excellent. Would certainly do more classes.

Dominic Jarret age 17 Young Chef II 2014

The course was enjoyable. Chef Latoya was always available to assist and guide us. I liked the flexibility with the menu. We also got to vote on which dishes to make the next day.

Gisele Jarret age 14 Young Chefs II 2014

Enjoyed making new dishes and interacting with the other young chefs.

Greame Nelson age 15 Young Chefs II 2014

At first I was not sure I would learn anything. Now I feel I can cook some new things. Enjoyed the interaction with the other chefs to make the dishes.

Christian Nelson age 13 Young Chefs II 2014

Cooking class was really fun. Enjoyed making fry rice and tasting all the items we made.

Darlene Jones/ Kara-Leigh Jones 9 years old (Young Chefs Cooking Club)

Hey Latoya Kara-Leigh made a Banana Chocolate cake yesterday and again today. Thanks to you she was able to do this all by herself