Summer Rates


Registration Fee $5,000.00
includes Young Chefs apron, hat and recipe booklet

Young Chefs Beginners $25,000.00

Classes Cover:

Knife Skills, Simple Breakfast, Simple Dinner, Cake and Pastry Making, Homemade Fast Food Friday.

Young Chefs International  $28,000.00

Classes Cover:

Knife Skills, Jointing and Deboning of chicken, Stock making, International Cuisine (Jamaican, Italian, Asian, Cooking Challenge)

Young  Chefs  Baking $28,000.00

Classes Cover:

Methods of Cake Baking, Speciality Cakes and Desserts, Bread Making, Cake Decorating

Young Chefs Gourmet  $28,000.00

Classes Cover:
Knife Skills, Stocks and Sauce, Cooking Techniques for (Meat, Poulty, Fish and Shellfish), Butchery, French Cuisine, Plate Presentation, Young Chefs Challenge

Young Chefs College Edition $25,000.00
Classes Cover:
Knife Skills, Quick, Easy and Healthy Meals, Cooking on a Budget, Cooking Challenge